Installation Failed Bootloader could not be installed; exited with error code 1

Hello! I’m new to Linux, and was installing for the first time on my Laptop, from Windows 10. Around 90% of the way through the installation (the bootloader part) I get an error saying the bootloader could not be installed with a grub-install command following. When running said command in the terminal, it returns
Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `/boot/efi’.

Any fixes? I’m installing on a DVD and using the KDE Plasma iso

PS: Sorry if some terminology is wrong, I’m new here!

You have to chroot into the local installation to run the grub-install command. The error says that it tries to install grub on the live session, what truly does not work.

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As I understand the sentence you are trying to do something which cannot be done.

If what you really mean are: I am using DVD containing the KDE ISO to install Manjaro - then I suggest you read the following topic

Very important:
Verify your Windows installation type - is it BIOS/MBR - is it BIOS/GPT or is it plain EFI/GPT.

This is not a flaw of Manjaro but important to know because Manjaro needs to be installed using the same mode - and it is not always obvious which mode to use.

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