Install Wine and Sidify

Wine needs the 32 bit version to run a music converter called Sidify. Unfortunately it hasn’t been done before . I followed all the links I could find and read the Wiki about using wineprefixes; I can’t figure it it out. Must be over my head. Read the similar topics; but no go.Anyway, would somebody please give me the terminal commands to run wine in 32 bit? I think I can then just install Sidify.exe using wine 32 bit version.
Should I list this under Newbies instead?

The command is WINEPREFIX=~/.wine WINEARCH=win32 then run winecfg to create the .wine folder, you can close the config window once it opens.

It’s asking for an operation:error: no operation specified

You should refer this to the wine hq forum. :wink:
as it is in no way Manjaro specific - but how wine is set up and used.

That said:
is what declares that wine is to run a 32 bit app and prepare for it
is telling it where, in which directory, under which name … you want to install it.

That is ok. It’s not a trivial subject.

That also is what winetricks and bottles and lutris and playonlinux are there for to help you with this.

if i remember right. Wine gives you a big disclaimer specifically about this when you use winetricks and says that you have to remove wine and reinstall it in a 32bit version if you need to use 32bit programs.