Install Windows Printer Driver in VM


My printer is relatively old and just supports Windows 10 drivers. (And .deb and .rpm if that helps)

I was wondering if I could just install a Win 10 Virtual Machine and install the driver there so whenever I wish to print something I could just quickly go there and print.

Is that theoretically possible or dont things work like this :dizzy_face:

Is possible to install and use the printer that way, you will have to share it trough USB icon of the VM.
But what Printer Model is it? If there are

then probably there is an AUR package too …

Oh wow! Thank you there is really an AUR driver for my printer. I will test it in a few days (on vacation) and in case it doesnt work I will just open a new Thread :smiley:

Yeah, it’s better to update your driver all the time. If you want to try a free resource I think Windows Maximizer can help you a lot. According to my experience, there are different types of drivers available. All the best!