Install suggestions

Hello, I have a low end laptop with 6th gen intel i3 and 4gb ram and had Manjaro KDE on it. But the hdd got damaged somehow and now I will have to install manjaro again (installed a 250 gb ssd).
Now that I am installing again I am considering if I should install XFCE for better performance than KDE?

Though XFCE is known to be a fast beast, now-a-days KDE is not much of a RAM hog. So you should be fine with any of the two (Visuals go to KDE, hands down :upside_down_face:).


I just installed KDE on an older Acer Aspire ES1432 with 4G and a dual-core Celeron N3350.

It is no sprinter but works surprisingly well - just remember to add enough swap - in this case the installer suggested 8G - it maybe overkill maybe not.


I would remain on KDE then :relieved:, and add 4 GB swap (since I do not do very heavy stuff).

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