Install software in custom directory?

hello folks
in windows the defult installation directory is drive C but in any program there is an option to choose the directory.
in manjaro how can i choose where to install and app in witch directory?
cause when i installed manjaro i choose a 117GB partition but it seems it format all of it to EX4T but only 10gb of it is used by system so i dont have any space to install my apps
note=i use flatpak managers like gnome software center and discover how can i choose the directory for those software centers?

Hello @JillValentine :wink:

That is not possible (or at least not advisable). Linux a has strict structure, where files are always installed.

But what can be done is creating partition on another drive, then move all files with the correct permission to the new partition and mount this partition to the root hierarchy in /etc/fstab (all have to be done in a live session, not the local installation). But that is a bit tricky if you are a newbie on a post-installation.

If you would have done that on the pre-installation, while partitioning, it would be easier.

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100GB should be plenty for the system and many (many) applications.

I think there is more to what you’re describing if you feel you are lacking space. Let’s check your partitions.
lsblk -af