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I am moving my machines from Linux Mint/MX Linux to Manjaro, and I’m having an issue with installing on a selected partition.

Most of my devices are dual-booting, Linux and Win10, so when I tried a Manjaro install, I chose to install on the Mint partition. The install was successful, but rather than write over the Mint setup, the installer made them side-by-side in the same partition. Grub, booting, Win10 were fine.

How do I make Manjaro wipe a EXT4 partition of its previous Linux and install Manajaro and use the entire partition? I thought I had opted for that, but clearly not.

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The easiest way is to choose manual partitioning, then delete the unwanted partitions (mint, manjaro). Then create one, choosing / as its mount point and then install.
Optionally you could install gparted into Manjaro, delete the Mint partition and then grow the manjaro partition without installing. But growing partitions can take some time.

I appreciate your quick reply.

So I’m clear: during the actual install, I can delete the Mint partition, recreate–in its already-set gb space–a empty partition, and continue my Manjaro install?

I’ve never seen an installer that could do something that complicated (usually, I have to use gparted); then again, I’ve never worked with an installer that allowed a dual Linux install in the same partition. Mint, Debian, etc installers aren’t that sophisticated.


Yes you can do that, just select manual in the partitioning options. Just remember you can always go back and change things until you write the changes to disk in the next screen. But from your first post you now have a mint and a manjaro partition from the previous install, just delete them both leaving your windows partition, one swap partition if you have one, and free space. Then just create a new partition with / (the root file system) as the mount point in the free space.

The first ssd has space enough to share Manjaro and MX Linux; I think I can leave them where they are.

My other machines have smaller drives, so one Win and two Lins are too much. I have a Chuwibook 8 that I’ll set up tomorrow, using your sound advice.

Much obliged to you for weighing in.


Not a problem, I remember starting out long ago and people helped me.
If your going to install on a new computer using manual mode for partitioning, in addition to the / partition, also create a swap partition slightly larger than the amount of ram you have. I took a look at the Chuwibook 8. You might consider not using KDE or Gnome on it. Xfce, Mate, and Lxqt might be better for it.

Absolutely. i use xfce exclusively. xfce brought me up to speed much faster, arch-wise, than anything else.

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