Install package build from AUR on another system

I have two identical Manjaro installations. Actually one is a copy of the other. Let’s say system A is my main system and system B is a copy for testing purposes (the same hardware).
Let’s say I build a package from AUR on system B and it installed correctly. And I don’t want to build again on system A because it is sometimes time consuming. I want to move on pendrive folder of the build package from System B to system A and install it there. Is it possible? What command to use?
Let’s say in build folder after building process I have two files:
PKGBUILD and program_name.tar.gz. Would this work:

sudo pacman -S /home/user/package_name_build_folder/program_name.tar.gz

Use -U for local packages. See man pacman (or online version).

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it’s not a manjaro package ! but a file before build.
manjaro package is name-version.pkg.tar.(zst) We can install these packages with pacman -U

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