Install on PinePhone to boot directly without SD

I’m a pinephone newbie and I have the pmOS 3GB unit from spring/summer 2020. I’m running Manjaro Phosh beta1 from SDcard after pulling down the .img and writing it using USBimager

I want to flash this over pmOS so that it boots directly into Manjaro without SD card. I’m not having much luck finding a document how to do this. Any pointers to where I can get started and the general process?

I use Jumpdrive.

Flash Jumpdrive to an SD card
Insert SD into PinePhone
Boot PinePhone
Connect phone to PC
Flash desired OS to the eMMC storage in the phone

I’ve had great luck with this method, but this is all pretty new for me as well, so I don’t know how correct this method is.


You can install manjaro-arm-flasher on your Manjaro Phone OS, then run it and select the eMMC storage (usually marked as mmcblk0 or mmcblk2).

Then select the OS you want from either Local Storage or Remote location by choosing the device -> edition -> version that matches what you want. If you choose remote location, it will download the image you selected and flash it. If you choose a local file it will just flash that one.


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