Install multiple applications with same name

I want to install multiple packages which are sort of but not quite equivalent and they have each other listed as conflicts even though I can’t see any reason why this should be the case.

Specifically, there are multiple interfaces for the tldr-pages which is a very convenient cli help tool.

  • tldr++ is interactive, which could be useful sometimes.
  • But I would like to also have a non-interactive version like tealdear available.

Both these programs are simple, nothing else depends on them, and as long as the name are unique, should be able to co exist. I would call tldr++ as tldri or something.

I searched for this here and elsewhere. I find a lot of information about specific packages and they are treated as bugs mostly. Is this a bug in every tldr package? They all act this way. Seems unlikely all the devs would have the same bug.

The only general solution I can find has to do with editing the pkgbuild file. I prefer not to mess with that sort of stuff. I am wondering:

  • is editing the pkgbuild the best/only way to resolve the issue?
  • if so, is it OK to edit the pkgbuild? will it cause any problems down the road?
  • any good tutorials on the basics required to perform such an operation?

I typically use yup as an aur helper but I’m not married to it if there is something that can assist to accomplish this better.

(I had links to the repo pages of applications mentioned in case it would be useful, but am not allowed to post links. I’m guessing that is due to new account. So had to remove them, sorry.)

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It is usually because they have conflicting dependencies.

  • One example could be that they require different versions of the same shared library.

  • Another example could be that they rely on secondary tools that are mutually exclusive.

  • Yet another example could be that the command for invoking a certain software title is already in use by another package with a similar functionality, but slightly different.

So, long story short, if the package manager says that the packages conflict, then you should not mess with that. Package management in Arch-based distributions is well-conceived and well-considered — if it weren’t, then Arch would not have the solid reputation it has. You should trust it to be correct.


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Why not using the static mode of tldr++ for that?

I don’t remember. I tried it at the same time as a bunch of other ones. Things I didn’t like about various clients were: not in color, color illegible in my theme and can’t edit it, inefficient layout, lack of options, require internet connection (no cache), can’t specify custom directory, no shell completion, other things. Actually none of them are perfect as far as I found.

There is a reason … even if you are not aware of the exact nature.

With Arch based distribution - there can be only one owner of a file and owner in this context is named package.

If two different packages installs the same file-by-location-name into the filesystem they must conflict each other.

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