Install manjaro with SATA mode RAID

I’m trying to install manjaro alongside Windows 10 in a dual boot configuration. My laptop has only one mode for the SATA controller in the BIOS, and that is RAID (Intel RST). This means that the live environment does not recognize my SSD at all. The following link shows the problem and a workaround in the form of a custom kernel patch to make Linux work with Intel RST:
I was wondering whether manjaro has some tools that allow this to work more easily. I read about mdadm but I can’t find the relevant documentation.

Is it possible to install manjaro on a NVME drive configured with Intel RST?
Would mdadm be able to help and how would that work?
Are there other options, like a custom kernel patch as shown in the link, and is that a recommended step?

only soft raid by linux
no raid by chipset

Adjust accordingly for Manjaro.

The first thing I did with my laptop was to remove Intel RST RAID-0 from it. then the NVMEs showed up as simple sda and sdb devices.

How I did that is here



Thanks, this is what I was looking for. I’ll try this and report back with any results/problems.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not looking to build a RAID array, I want to install manjaro on a disk which is controlled by a RAID controller. My laptop only has one drive, yet the SATA controller is set to RAID and I have no option to change that in the BIOS.

I tried to follow the Arch Linux Fake RAID guide but no success. The live environment is unable to see the drive. dmraid and mdadm did not help. I was also unable to create a RAID array via Windows (it did not allow me to since there is only one drive in the system) or the RAID setup utility (there is no way to access it during boot).

I read some posts on the Arch Linux forums and nobody seems to have succeeded. At this point I’m ready to give up. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I still learnt a lot.

RAID = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (plural) 2 being the absolute minimum…


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