Install manjaro to tablet?

I’m just getting started researching this topic myself, so I thought I’d go to the source for manjaro. I’m not a power user or even close , so I know nothing about how to do this or if it’s wise to do it.
my situation - I’m moving from campsite to campsite in US. I bought a refurbished Lenovo T530 laptop so I can keep up with reservations and other web needs. then I bought a Weboost signal booster - for $500. then I discovered on utube - MIMO antennas - for much, much less dollars. in researching mimo’s I see a vid about - Mobile Internet for RVers, Cruisers & Nomads Overview - Cellular, Wi-Fi & Satellite (2021)-- Mobile Internet for RVers, Cruisers & Nomads Overview - Cellular, Wi-Fi & Satellite (2021) - YouTube .
it appears I jumped the gun , buying the laptop and the Reach device. they are returnable - if I do it soon . So, now I’m looking at using a tablet and a MIMO antenna device ; but I’d like to have Manjaro at my fingertips. So, given my poor Linux using abilities I’m looking for any and all info ,helpful tips, do’s , dont’s , how to’s , etc. .
I had no problem at all installing Manjaro to the Lenovo laptop ; the installer split the partition between win10 and Manjaro - perfectly.
if the community could provide some direction ; links etc. , maybe I could do this .

a thank you to megavolt for inputting already when I hit the wrong key and posted - this is now an edit .

         thank you very much

When using touchscreens on a laptop, then your best guess is the Gnome Desktop, so Manjaro Gnome Edition. It is optimized for this case.

What sort of tablet are you thinking of? There’s manjaro arm for arm devices but support for android tablets is limited. You can run manjaro shells on an android tablet if thats the direction your looking at

this is as far as I’ve gotten - I just searched for cellular tablets- took me to Best Buy . saw a Digiland for $99 . searched Digiland reviews - ended up here - don’t know if it’s appropriate or compatible or desirable. " The Best Budget Android Tablet For Media Consumption in 2021 " The Best Budget Android Tablet For Media Consumption in 2021 - YouTube . I would want to find the most recent model , etc. . I understand about gnome desktop for a tablet
thank you

Ah, well. If you look for something like a tablet, then I guess it goes really hackish. These products run ARM Processors and have Android in mind.

What i mean are “convertibles”: 2-in-1 PC - Wikipedia

If you look for ARM Tablets then have a look at Pine64 Products: PINETAB | PINE64 But keep in mind: Manjaro on ARM and Pine64 are not end user ready products, but rather testing devices for developers and testers although it could work good.

However… the Manjaro Forum is not the place for Hardware recommendations, which is against the rules.

as far as I can see anything "Pine " is out of stock for foreseeable future . June is too late for me. I also found JingPad A1 but don’t find it for sale and they may have stopped production .
I’ve done other searches but come up empty. -Huawei Launches Linux Laptop—But Things Aren't As They Seem

what I see on amazon are all chromebooks which I tried . I want manjaro and don’t know if it’s installable . I searched for Linux but it comes up android or “Fire” . I’m at a loss and hate it that I spent so much already when I maybe could have done so much better .

this is very interesting . it seems to offer more options for choosing what to put it on ; like maybe the Digiland . I’ll watch this and research more . thank you.

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Maybe the CutiePi, then?

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