Install manjaro to external hdd

I want to install manjaro to an external hdd. I want ask you to think something about this.
The reason I have this request is, external hdds are easy to remove, easy to carry with yourself.
And please consider installing without a grub.
(Hope I’m in the right place)
If you can’t do, thanks anyway.
Have a nice day

Nothing is preventing you from doing that. The installer lets you decide where to install the system.

How are you going to boot the system if it doesn’t have a boot loader?

I think the question is related to this topic and specifically the reply of @linux-aarhus

@Aragorn please look to thread slater linked

@SLaItEr at the topic you linked I understand it is not sported, now I’m making a request to support it.

I don’t think this thread is necessary anymore. (You can delete it or whatever you want) Again thanks.

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