Install manjaro questions

Hi there!

So , currently Im gonna install Manjaro on my main PC (I´ve used manjaro as my Main OS for almost a year now on my laptop and on an old pc before I get my new one) feeling pretty satisfied with it and never had issues so far, since the new Pc has windows by default and feel a little bit akward after being using manjaro for almost a year I will switch it ,in this case the Pc has 2 storages. 1 SSD Nvme of 256 gb and 1 TB HDD.

What will be the steps to follow to have the boot or main applications in the SSD and the HDD to handle like the installation of games, files, photos, etc…

The specs of the Pc are:
16 Gb Ram
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G
GPU: Amd Rx 5500 xt 4 Gb
Storage 1: SSD Nvme 256 gb
Storage 2 : HDD 1 TB

Thanks in advanced for the advised.

During the installation, proceed as normal.

Use the NVMe for the EFI system partition (300MB) and the rest of it for your root system.

Use the 1TB HDD for /home

You can then create a custom folder in your user’s home (or even outside of it, with proper permissions), in which you can configure Steam to install games to that particular folder.

For example, /home/username/SteamLibrary/

I haven’t used Steam on Linux in a while, so I’m not sure if this has fundamentally changed.

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It hasn’t. I’m still doing it this way.

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Thanks for the information!

Interesting. Thanks for confirming the info. My next question is. Since I have the ryzen 5 5600g with integrated graphics and the dedicated gpu (amd rx 5500xt). Is there gonna be any issue if I try to switch between gpu’s for gaming . Or how will I do that? Do I required any type of software for being able to switch between the iGPU and the dGPU?

I will appreciate the response and advised.

And by the way. I´m gonna try the live ISO , but , I have already downloaded it twice and always that I check the SHA1 and the signature it mismatch. Is there any chance that they haven´t update the SHA1 and Signature files that are on the website?