Install manjaro on Macbook Pro late 2011

I tried to install manjaro 20.1 gnome edition on my old macbook pro late 2011 (8.2 version).
Unfortunately after burn the iso on a 4G usb stick the macbook doesn’t seem enable to boot grub.

Before I booted and installed successfuly Ubuntu 20.04.

Any suggest?

This should definitely help,1/8,2/8,3_(2011)

nope, the boot hang before to show the screen with grub.
I can not modify any parameters.
This is very strange because another usb stick with ubuntu 20.04 work fine.

Same computer same problem.

Happens with an SSD. Did not happen with an old HDD. With an HDD, you could at least get to grub, but then it would lock up during boot because of the lack of support for the graphics card. That Arch wiki is wrong. It has nothing to do with modeset, which isn’t even an option on these cards. It has to do with macbook firwmare not wanting to release access to the graphics card until later in the boot process. Every Linux has this problem except for Ubuntu and Fedora. I don’t know how they were able to get around it, but I was able to use Manjaro by chainbooting off of a grub left behind from an Ubuntu install.

Now that I’ve upgraded to an SSD, I have not gotten anywhere with Manjaro. I have not even been able to use the chainbooting trick to get into the installer.

Hello, have you been able to sort your problem out?
I am trying to install Manjaro on a early 2011 macbook pro with SSD and it doesn’t even boot… is there a solution for it. Looks like the bootable usb has to be edited a bit? Cheers.