Install manjaro on imac71

hello, I can’t get manjaro KDE or mate installed anymore on an imac71, won’t start the install. Probably EFI is the culprit here but I don’t know how to fix it. Older version will work (2017)
Installing Antix works, but I much prefer Manjaro because that is a top iso where you can install many things directly from eg the Aur.
Who wants to help me?
Thank you in advance.

If older version works, install older version then upgrade. Why would you need to install from scratch? I have a running Manjaro since 5 years ago, I just upgrade every month.

It’s a 2007 model, right? How much ram? With 1/2GB I’d stay with antix or upgrade, 4/6GB will work fine.

Try xfce/mate minimal and install with free graphics. If they don’t start after installing chroot in to the system and install kernel 5.10LTS and try to boot from it. If it boots remove the newer one that came with the iso and add 5.4LTS as backup.