Install Manjaro from usb stick?

Hello i am trying to install Manjaro from a usb stick but when it gets to choose network and put the password in it does not accept the password,i have tried putting the pwd in multiple times but it does not work,i eveven went further and tried without pwd but it gets to the stage where it asks for pwd,any ideas please on how to get my network pwd in?
Thank you.

As far as I know, it should work out of the box. The issue you are describing could come from the keyboard layout of the system not corresponding to your keyboard. I am using a French AZERTY keyboard and by default, the live session of Manjaro did not detect my keyboard and was set to a standard QWERTY keyboard.
This can be easily changed in the settings though the location of these settings might change depending on which desktop environment you are using.
I hope this helps.

edit : an easy way to find out if this is where your problem comes from would be to open a text editor and try to type your password there to see if the characters that appear on screen do correspond to what you are actually typing.

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The installer is offline - you don’t network.

When you boot the system from ISO - you should use the keyboard selector.

If you do not the default booted keyboard layout is US - likely not matching the physical keyboard layout.

I have a windows keyboard,do i just turn off the internet?
Thank you.

I can see the password i put in and it is ok?
Thank you.

Even if you can do an offline install, it is usually recommended to connect to the Internet before you install Manjaro (I mean to connect to the Internet from the live session).
Sorry for asking, but are you sure that you have selected the right network and that you are entering the correct password (capital letters, etc.) ?
I can’t see what else it could be. Maybe someone else will have an idea…

I have the right pwd and network?
Thank you.

I have this now?

I managed to install mx linux from a dvd ,but just could not manjaro to work sorry.

You could of installed Manjaro with a DVD as well. On the other hand, I had a laptop that I had a hard time installing ISOs from a USB. I just gave up and burned a DVD