Install Manjaro as a server

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I don’t know where to post, sorry if I’m not in the right section.

I would like to test Manjaro as a server, on a Lenovo all-in-one which I no longer use.
To do this please what is the best?
Install manjaro Desktop then clear all graphics packages?
How to do this?
Or are there other installation images for it?
Other than old threads, several years old, I haven’t found much on it.
as for Architect it seems that it has not been maintained for 5 years.
I know what it involves to use Manjaro as a server, I want to test it.
Thank you.

I think this old thread gives you all answers…


Good morning ,

Thanks for the link but I’ve already gone through this topic, I didn’t want to continue it because I already have my opinion.
My question was about how to install Manjaro for server use, without a GUI.
For the rest of the build I think I know how I’m going to do it.


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You can probably use Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso - Manjaro. (Or install regular iso and remove what you don’t need.)

I would think twice about doing this though. It makes zero sense to use rolling distro as a server, but do as you wish. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no installation images but it is fairly easy to install a server system.

Go to Releases · manjaro-architect/download · GitHub and download the latest ISO.

Prepare a usb stick using ventoy and copy the ISO onto it.

Plug it and start the system.

login and run setup.

You use dialog to customize the install using a simple menu.

Then I must be quite stupid make no sense :grin: I use Manjaro on a PI4 (packed in box with a 512G m2 ssd) - it runs quite well - using nginx as webserver - and a couple of domains, an unofficial repo on [], my notepad [], using LetsEncrypt for certificates, a couple of archives [linux-aarhus archive @] - some custom ISO [linux-aarhus archive @]


If I do it it is because I find my meaning in it, there are precisely arguments in the link of the second message.
It’s a bit like the fight between openrc and systemd, everyone sees noon at their door. :wink:

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Thank you, I think this is exactly what I needed.
I thought Manjaro-architecte was no longer maintained, I’m glad I was wrong. :grinning:

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I didn’t say you’re stupid for using it as a server or that you can’t. Only that it doesn’t make any sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, go for it then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry - I didn’t mean to imply your wording said so - as it doesn’t - I have heard the argument many times.

Manjaro is as stable as the user make it.

I check the server health once a month or so - I am always cautious - especially when nginx is updated - as I use fancy index module - build from a custom script.


Yeah, intended to say that in previous post, that it makes sense for a seasoned user to use whatever OS, but not so much for someone who won’t know how to fix any problems that might come with updates.


Good morning,

Thank you manjaro-architect was the solution, I confirm, I was able to install Manjaro minimal and it works great.
Why do I want to use Manjaro as a server?
It’s simple, I like rolling releases for their often updated side, and as Manjaro is very well made I’m betting on it to have a stable server.
In addition, as described in the comments of the link of the second message in the discussion, the fact of being in rolling release makes it possible to override possible problems arising from security vulnerabilities discovered.
I find it very responsive, much more than Debian or Ubuntu…
The main thing was to test, for the moment I am very happy with it. :grinning:
Ps: Do you have an equivalent of ISPconfig for Manjaro/Archlinux to recommend to me please ?

THANKS ! :wink:

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Here are some possible alternatives; in no particular order:


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cockpit is a great console for maiintaining a manjaro server


Thanks linux-aarhus, :smiley:

This is what I was looking for, in the repositories and therefore official. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks good. Here’s a link for passers-by wanting more information:


I’m currently leaning on it, having trouble putting it down.
In fact it’s even better than I thought, I even installed it on my personal machine for the very practical features that Cockpit provides.
Certainly, I am far from having explored everything, but here I have something to have fun knowing full well that I could implement what I want while gaining security.
Thanks again !

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