Install Manjaro alongside Ubuntu and Windows

I would like to multi-boot Manjaro, elementary OS, and Windows on my computer. elementary and Windows are already installed. How would I go about adding Manjaro?
This is how I think it will work, correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Shrink a partition to make room for Manjaro’s root partition
  2. Make the unallocated space Manjaro root, ext4
  3. Mount elementary OS’s ext4 /home partition as Manjaro’s /home, do not reformat
  4. Mount elementary OS’s fat32 /efi partition as boot
  5. Start the install and hope it works

Any help is appreciated, feel free to ask questions about my setup as needed.
Thanks in advance!

Do not do this. Either make a new /home for Manjaro or don’t make a /home and it’ll just be in your / partition.

Mount it to /boot/efi

With so many OS’s, I’d recommend you to use rEFInd instead of grub personally. If you install via Manjaro Architect, you can just select refind at the end when it prompts you to install your boot manager.

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