Install Layouts switcher

I installed Gnome as my second desktop environment and now I install missing features like Layouts switcher. But this doesn’t seem to work. So far I only installed gnome-layout-switcher so I guess there must be some other dependencies but I didn’t find anything.
Or is there any tutorial on how to do it?

What does not work?

Have look at the optional dependencies of gnome-layout-switcher :wink:

Thanks, now it looks like the layout changes like it should.
But there was a little problem. Dependency named gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu wasn’t found. I only found gnome-shell-extension-arcmenu but I don’t know how much it depends on that dash.

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I can’t believe no one had noticed that until now, nice catch. :laughing: We renamed the package to gnome-shell-extension-arcmenu quite some time ago.

Just fixed it with gnome-layout-switcher 0.8.25-2.

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