Install latest hplip plugin automatically when hplip updates

Lack of plugin is one of the most common cause of HP printers not working. It can be easily installed, however, after each update to hplip, it has to be installed again manually. There are ways to automate it, but none of them can be expected from beginners. I don’t see why these plugins can not be bundled with hplip package in official repos. I don’t think there is any disadvantage to have it, but lack of it causes most printers to not work. So my request to devs is either:

Bundle the plugin with the official hplip package,


Have it as a separate package in repos that is an optional dependency for hplip.

This will allow for a more seamless experience and less wasted time on useless diagnosis

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Yes please. I would love to see this happen, it’s not a problem for me, but others sometimes don’t understand why HP “doesn’t work anymore”

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Do you mean this?

Yes, it is this package in aur, but do see that it gives error when installed with pamac in manjaro, and if you read the comments, the maintainer has refused to correct it in accordance with arch’s guidelines to not support arch based distros

What error are you getting?

Are they allowed for redistribution?

Also, i can see the source code here . Doesn’t mention the lisence, but I think I do not accurately know the answer to your question

The closest i can find an answer is on this page. It seems to mention that these can’t be open sourced but does not mention they are not redistributable

Oh, and if you have this package installed, you have the license.

My hp1020 just doesn’t work with hplip.
I install foo2jzs and forget about any printer problems.

Won’t work with most printers