Install KDE, what did I do wrong?

I have followed the directions Install Desktop Environments - Manjaro, I just get another login GUI & it still goes to Mate? Well not the user one, I thought you could just login with the user you already have.

Hi @Edward78,

While I’ve never had more than one D.E., so can not be absolutely sure, I think you are forgetting to select which Desktop environment to use on the login screen. AFAIK there is a selection when you have more than one D.E. installed.

Hope it helps!

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I thought so, just haven’t located where to pick. I will look harder next login.

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Well, I hope it helps, because I’ve got nothing else…

Default it is the lower left corner of screen - assuming you have installed SDDM as display manager


Yep, thanks. Not sure what went wrong, but it is not there. Oh well, I will keep using Mate.

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Hmm, this makes sense. You shouldn’t install X DE on a Distro with Y.
Change Desktop Environments on Linux - YouTube ia this a good guide to adding KDE to Manjaro? How to Install KDE on Manjaro Linux I have Mate already? I thought I did it with the other guide, but no way to get to KDE in SDDM. Or is it just easier to install the KDE flaver? I would be good to have all apps like now though/

You need to install the desktop enviroment.
The command mentioned in the second link is correct.

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Ok, thanks. I did what the link in the first post said (not create user, already had 1). Not right apparently the choice to go to KDE never appeared in SDDM. How buggy is KDE Plasma though? Also should I put a list of installed apps here so you can tell me what I need?

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Plasma is as buggy as you make it. No more than Gnome. If you treat it well, it’ll treat you well.

I think installing the KDE edition would be better, the vid I posted a few posts back said it might introduce probs., Mostly I just want a dark mode to effect all windows.

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