Install Graphic Driver

what action should i take?
I tried pressing y then enter but nothing changed.
Thank you guys… :pray:
Screenshot_20200827_204903|584x499, 50%

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Please read this informative post below. :arrow_down:

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Then you have to press “Y”.
After that you must restart the computer.

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sorry i am new.
I was still confused about inserting a picture :pray:

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I’ve pressed “Y” but there is no response from the window

i am stuck at “waiting for user input”

Pressy “Y” and then “Enter”.

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still no response @Tomek

something in this thread may help you out. Sorry if incorrect but you have not given a lot of info to go on :slight_smile:

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Did you activate this window by clicking on it? This window must be active for this.

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Ok i will try it.

yes, I have clicked on the window

It turns out that when I installed it through the hardware configuration, the process was actually running (no changes were seen).
After I tried to use the terminal it worked
work, thank you guys … :pray: :pray: :pray:

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