Install firewall on Cinnamon edition


I would like to install firewall on my Cinnamon system.
Which packages do I need to install and how should configure them?
Thanks in advance.


There are a few options, this wiki should help:

I thought firewall was installed by default on cinnamon and just needed switching on

Unfortunately, was not.
I installed ufw, ufw-extras, ufw-icon-bar and gufw.
It seems to works, although i can’t see the icon in the system tray as was promised by the icon-bar.
Maybe after a restart that will be appear.

Now, what rules should i create and apply to a normal working firewall?

Strange, I’m on cinnamon and pretty sure gufw was installed by default. All I can think of is it must have been removed from the last iso.

I have it switched on with default settings, only rule I’ve added are the ones for kde connect as kde connect won’t work without them

And do you have see the icon-bar?

Probably i used a newer install package than you, that could be the difference.
In pamac gui interface i saw not any firewall package was installed.
I must to start the installation process by my hand.

Can you try again and type gufw in terminal? Or search firewall or gufw in the applications menu?

Otherwise, I used it in KDE, Gnome, Budgie and Cinnamon environments. Pretty sure there was not special icons onto the system tray (you mean, a firewall icon always visible, next to Wifi/Ethernet or clock at the right border?)

Try again what?

In terminal the gufw asks: please just one Gufw’s instance.
Searching for firewall gives nothing, gufw gives Firewall configuration.
ufw-icon-bar describe itself as: system tray icon for ufw.
I suspect, i don’t have a firewall just a config environment for that. Strange…

Well, the description of the ufw was deceptive. I have a firewall named ufw.
But there are opened questions.
Why gives nothing searching for firewall in application menu?
Why i can’t see the ufw-icon-bar anywhere?
How should set the firewall to start at boot? (now i must to start if by hand)