Install fails with Radeon RX 6700 XT card

Hello everyone,

I created a bootable USB drive with XFCE , Gnome and KDE but none of them work due to the graphics card. KDE stops at “Reached target graphical interface”, Gnome stops at “Starting manjaro session 1” or similar and XFCE stops with an error “Failed to start light display manager”. This is using the latest 21.0.7 image.

Do I need a newer kernel? If so how can this be done at boot time? I mean the installer doesn’t even start.

Is the Radeon RX 6700 XT not supported? How can I find out if it is supported or not? Is there a list to check?

Is it a hardware issue with the card? How can I even find this out?

I thought AMD GPUs are supposed to be well supported…

P.S. I can install Ubuntu but the graphics are weird (parts of the screen changing random colours) and it does pop up with messages about crash reports from time to time. These come from Gnome, also graphics related.

Searching the forum with 6700 resulted lots of issues with this GPU these last months.

I presume it’s due to the novelty of this card. I’d advise thus the most recent kernel.

Which kernel is included in the iso you used?

Release candidates isos with kernel 5.13 are available if you could give them a try.

On the other hand, Ubuntu isos seem to boot according to the threads, contrary to Arch/Manjaro’s. Maybe an older LTS as 5.4 could work, I don’t know.

Yes, the release candidate with kernel 5.13 worked actually.

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Nice, glad to hear it worked.

Just as a friendly reminder, it is best to keep up with the newest kernels when using new hardware. Newer kernels brings in support for newer hardware.

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