Install drivers for Realtek RTL8125B

How do I install drivers for Realtek RTL8125B?

It would be nice to provide some system info before someone recommends the wrong driver for you. Please post output of:

inxi -Fazy

I’ve managed to install the driver using this guide:

Is that the right way? Anad why is that driver not included from the start?

A lot of hardware is supported by Manjaro’s great hardware detection utility but not all. For some devices you find the most suitable driver in AUR and in this case installation as you have done is the right procedure.

There’s an AUR package called r8125-dkms

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@Lila-Kuh the AUR package r8125-dkms is broken so cant install it

that is correct.
currently the package cannot be used without further ado

Changes to make it work are in the post!

or under the comments AUR (en) - r8125-dkms

as I said, building works. Unfortunately, I cannot test whether the module works afterwards

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Yes, I was able to build the module.

@niclasc See the last 3 posts from the topic linked by @Lila-Kuh

According to the comment on that AUR package page and elsewhere the r8125 driver will be included in the 5.9 kernel which was released yesterday. I’m (my mini-ITX board is equipped with the same nic) going to wait until the 5.9 release kernel is available with Manjaro; am using a cheap usb-ethernet adapter in the meantime.