Install button in Pamac does not change after clicking it (while installing packages already)

Context. So I want to run an app image, but I read on this forum I need to install appimagelauncher. So I open up the software manager, and search for it. I then click it and click install. Clicking install does not change the open panel, it only changes the icon of the package in the search results!

Before clicking install:

After clicking install:

The install button is a toggle but the button and word “install” does not communicate “toggle the installation of this package”. The Button should change to “cancel installation” instead of remaining the same if its going to cancel the installation.

Could be because you already have a transation in progress. Try waiting until the current one is finished and try again.

This is a feedback report not a support ticket. I already know there’s stuff being installed, I’m saying that the UI does not reflect that pressing the install button is a toggle. Plus the icon changes to a checkmark as if the package is already installed???

Then you should probably report the issue to the developer of the application if it’s not already reported.