Install Brave web browser

Last night I did the latest updates and this morning my computer refused to start (see image).

Luckily I had put my home folder on a separate drive, so I simply reinstalled Manjaro, but now I have the problem of setting up all the tools I used again and the first problem I have is my favorite web browser: either Brave or Dissenter

I tried pamac, but it just says

Error: target not found: brave-browser

similar for dissenter. I’ve done this before but I can’t remember how. Can anyone help jog my memory what I’m missing here please?

Looks like a partial-upgrade to me.

Because that doesnt exist.
If you absolutely must use that trainwreck of a tracker masquerading as a ‘secure’ browser then
In the AUR are both brave and brave-bin
If you dont want to wait hours for it to compile then brave-bin is probably what you want.

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wow - that was quick! Oh… well what browser should I use? I don’t trust Google that’s for sure… is it back to firefox then?

I also get Error: target not found: brave-bin

I suspect you are right about partial upgrade because there had been an error message while building, it was something about having to remove obsolete nvidia drivers but I just said yes and forgot about it until I switched on again this morning

Theres a million opinions and the most important one is yours.
These days, besides niche browsers like terminal ones or ‘all-libre’, etc … then you really have the options between chrom* and firefox as well as their spinoffs.
I personallly dont trust or see a lot of good coming out of the spins like waterfox (which itself is owned by a search engine and advertising corp) … so I prefer a heavily modified FF.
Similarly I like the patchsets available for chromium and find the collection known as ungoogled-chromium quite to my liking … though its so removed from google that things like extensions have to be handled by hand.
Thats my quick 2 cents.
For more … well … I can only suggest some searches and tests and such … as for the forum, we generally dont encourage ‘this vs that’ deluge type topics. I have probably already said too much :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

thanks, It’s apreciated. I shall keep my system simple and back to FF for now… I just want to get back to work :slightly_smiling_face:

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