Install both intel-ucode and and-ucode and have both images created

Hi, I am running into a little issue creating iso’s. I need to have both the intel-ucode and and-ucode images created. The Arch wiki says its possible, but doesnt explain how to accomplish it. I have tried adding both intel-ucode and and-ucode to the buildiso package list, but only the amd-ucode image is created.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, and any help is appreciated.

Ensure your you are using the latest versions of the iso-profiles - I suspect your shared package lists is outdated.

  • $PROFILE/Packages-Live
  • $PROFILE/Packages-Root
  • $PROFILE/Packages-Mhwd

Ensure you are using the latest tools - no shadows in /usr/local (custom installation)

The ISO contains both ucode images

 $ tree -L 1 /a/projects/build/buildroot/buildiso/kde/iso/boot
├── amd_ucode.img
├── amd_ucode.LICENSE
├── grub
├── initramfs-x86_64.img
├── intel_ucode.img
├── intel_ucode.LICENSE
├── memtest
└── vmlinuz-x86_64

Upon installation mhwd will check the cpu and only the relevant ucode will be present after that.

Thank you. There were some outdated files in the profile, and that got me close. There was also one package I forked that was rather old.

Thanks again for your help and insight.

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