"Install boot loader on" options

Hello, everyone!

I am trying to learn and understand how to manage dual-boots, but I am having problems installing Manjaro manually.

As far as I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong, this should work:

  • GPT
  • FAT32 512MiB partition to mount boot loaders onto (/boot/efi)
  • EXT4 partition for /

But I cannot install my boot loader on /boot/efi … and it says MBR … but I have GPT, not MBR. See options for boot loader installer on the picture below. It confuses me a lot.


Also, my actual install of Manjaro has

└── EFI
    ├── boot
    │   └── bootx64.efi
    └── Manjaro
        └── grubx64.efi

but that means the actual mountpoint should be /boot/efi/EFI, right? But I know I am wrong … :laughing:

Which .iso is this? What’s output of:

calamares -v
fdisk -l /dev/sda

No. EFI is folder on efi partition.

Okay @Centaro

  1. In Virtualbox you can enable UEFI, that have to be done explicitly.
  2. If it is a BIOS, and you want GPT, then create a 10MB non-formated partition, flagged with bios_grub and boot partition formatted with ext2/3/4, flagged with boot.

Oh, right… it flew over my head that this could be virtualbox in bios mode…