Install application A, without installing the update for application B

Good evening,

I’m using the package ungoogled-chromium-bin from AUR. The package gets regularly faster updated than it’s dependencies from the official repo, which would cause the browser to crash after the update. That isn’t to bad, since I just wait a few days for the official repo to catch up.

Today I wanted to install a new application, which doesn’t have to do anything with ungoogled-chromium-bin and I just couldn’t. At least not without updating ungoogled-chromium-bin in the process. Not via GUI and not via CLI. When installing updates using the GUI, I can just deselect the packages I don’t want to be updated, but that seems to be ignored, if I trying to install a new application. I can deselect all I want, the update always is triggered. In the CLI I don’t know and couldn’t find a way to skip an update and using the pamac install command the update is always triggered, too.

So I’m curious, if there really is no option to install one application and skip one or more updates for other applications?

Partial upgrades are unsupported.

That said - for likewise unsupported packages, this can be humbly ignored so long as you dont care about that third party package.

pacman, by default, only interacts with the repos:

sudo pacman -S PACKAGE

But the thing is you do want to up to date before installing new software.
Thats why in general we include the update command while installing something:

sudo pacman -Syu PACKAGE

Slightly aside - in general it makes sense to update the system packages first, then the AUR.
Like with the apparent ability to deselect packages, pamacs ‘combined upgrade’ is a feature that arguably should not exist, at least in its current form.


sudo pacman -Syu && paru -Sua

(paru is my AUR helper … any other can be used)


Thanks a lot.
sudo pacman -S PACKAGE did the trick, I only used pamac so far :grin:

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