Install an over GUI (XFCE) on manjaro and change from KDE to XFCE

Can you tell me how to install a second Graphical User interface and how to change between KDE and XFCE?
Thank you. :wink:

Install both KDE and Xfce.

But you cannot separate the two cleanly if you have both installed.

The result might (and probably will) be an ugly mess of GTK and QT applications
with overlapping and even conflicting functionality.

In that mix, none of the two will be as good as they are on their own.

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Your post title makes no sense, please edit it to be more clear and concise about what you actually want to do. Please see How to Post.

As already mentioned, it’s not recommended to have two DE’s (Desktop Environments) installed at the same time. Perhaps dual-boot or use a virtual machine instead.

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Thank you so much and of course i will check the post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Overall it is recommended to make a clean install with my preferred DE only right?

Yes, that is correct.
You can try and see whether you’ll create a mess or whether it will be working for you.
There is no problem with having a few KDE/Qt apps in Xfce
or the other way around, having a few GTK apps in a KDE environment.

But you probably will not be happy when you install both full Desktop environments.
Just try and see … but be aware:
you cannot cleanly separate them.

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