Install a package using pamac vs pacman -S

I just update/ upgrade manjaro kde last week .
Today i tried to download keepass using pamac, to my surprise that pamac list out whole big list of things require update… For goodness sake, i just want to install an app.
And the end, i resolved to pacman -S to download the package…

I am confused, why i just upgrade the whole system last week , why i am presented with whole big list of packages need upgrade in pamac ? I know this is rolling release, but that is too fast isn’t it ? or is it that i didn’t do the whole upgrade (which i doubt so, cause arch won’t run well with partial upgrade).
Is it the upgrade last week (pacman -Syu) somewhat different to pamac upgrade that it throws at me just now ?

Do i have to use pamac to do upgrade/ update instead of pacman -Syu ? What is the different ?

how come i manage to download the package i want in pacman without having to do all the update/upgrade that pamac threw at me ? and my system still running no problem ?

Is there way to download a package in pamac without having to go thru the update/ upgrade everytime ? like i can just install a package in pacman without having to upgrade update each time. (even i just upgraded last week).
The reason i use pamac because it is easier to locate an unknown app in pamac…


Check in the pamac settings - default is to update the system when you install a package.

Installing a package using pacman -S on a system which is not up-to-date may result in partial sync state which is unsupported.

It is your system - thus your responsibility. If you get issues from a partial sync - it is your headache.

Any help with issues requires your system to be fully updated from an up-to-date mirror.


There wasn’t an update last week, except if you haven’t upgrade for a long time and you did it then.

And there was an update Yesterday, which would explain your PC requiring updating so soon after the previous one.

Not everyone agrees with me, but I always recommend using pamac. It seems to take care of many things that pacman don’t.

Downloading is not the same as installing, and I’m guessing that’s probably why.

EDIT: See @cscs’s explanation below.

No. This would result in a partially-updated, unsupported and state and thus broken system. That’s the nature of rolling release.

Hope this answers your questions.

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The last stable update was pushed two days ago. The prior one was 3 weeks before.

pamac supports AUR updates, pacman doesn’t.

I suppose pamac enforces the no partial upgrade policy.
Installing a package without updating first is dangerous: that package and its missing dependencies are always installed using their latest version. If you use such a package with out-of-date dependencies, it may not work correctly.

As explained before, partial updates are not supported.

Thanks a lot of good info

To expand on this slightly - pamac always upgrades at the same time.
pacman does not hold your hand - you can do what you want.
But achieving the same thing (minus the AUR) is simple - you may have already seen it in certain suggestions - install using pacman -Syu PACKAGE and it upgrades at the same time. a simple -S does not.

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Thanks for reminding me and make it black and white … Now i know why some website suggested using pacman -Syu to install app.
I used to do 2 steps:
pacman -Syu
Pacman -S package

I just do it that way without thinking… now i know exactly what should.

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