Inserting images on Docx

Hello guys, i am having a problem when it comes to inserting images on any office application the libre office does the job but it is slow for me so i dont use it. When i am inserting images i cannot see any thumbnail but the names which is a challenge for me. Can somebody help me with this please. thank in advance

I’m using WPS Office, and can just drag and drop stuff on there. I like WPS - sometimes I opened MS Templates in Libre and they don’t render properly.

Give it a try, but if you come back - you need to give more information.

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Which office are you using? It is better to provide a screenshot of your problem.
And welcome to the community.

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i am actually using wps office, i have tried drag and drop when it comes to inserting images, but it is a little bit hassle because i have to open a file manager before i can even insert an image. but anyway that’s another option i can consider. thank you

Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

i got this when i tried to insert an image in this reply

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It wouldn’t help I think. The issue is the OP is using an unknown office software and has not set it to display images.

WPS was set up to display images by default, and I’m sure Writer does too… so we can’t work out the issue.

If the OP changed settings himself, then it would be resolved by returning settings to default (in Libre, ‘view’ settings for Writer includes a checkbox for displaying ‘images’ available both in main settings and from the ‘view’ menu) but the OP says Libre is too slow).

Now I find it hard to think of anything easier than inserting an image via drag 'n drop, but then you can also go through the menu ‘Insert>Picture’. I would save the image to ~/Pictures, maybe edit with GiMP to tidy and crop it - maybe add a bit of shadow and rename it or save it as ‘fig1.png’ which can then be imported by 1. dragging to WPS or 2. Using the menu 'Insert>Image>fig1.png.

If the OP can’t work this out, then I would suggest there is little hope that any kind of help can be effective.

To suggest that it’s a ‘hassle’ to press Meta+E to call up a file manager, or (better still - assuming you just edited or saved images you’ll be using) have it minimised ready to call up to see what’s what to be inserted… is frankly rather a stretch for me to accept. That’s the ‘magic easy way’ to do stuff, it’s why we love our GUI. If not, then we use the menu and text.

In the past, I sometimes had issues with too many windows to juggle on the screen, but with tiling it’s no problem. We activate our Krohnkite so that we can open the file manager which will push our editor to the side, we drag our image, we minimise our file manager. Otherwise we press Meta+Arrow to push our WPS to half of the screen, bring up the file manager and press Meta+Arrow to put it to the other half.

Too much trouble? Hire a secretary, maybe she can help you manage a knife and fork also :rofl:

There is NO easier way to do it.

Similarly, when writing, most of us have no issues pressing - for example - shift and s to get Captial Letters. We don’t think it’s too hard. We manage to turn on our monitors and computers, and keyboards and mice - we are amazing animals and we don’t find this to be too much of a problem.