Input Output errors randomly on everything

Hello, I am new to Linux and have been having some problems with my manjaro install for some reason. during use randomly and without warning all the icons on my desktop will all change to the same default icon and whenever I try to run anything in terminal or from the desktop I will get an Input/Output error while executing. While this is happening I am unable to run anything and all I can do is a hard shutdown. after checking everything I could find on any other forum post I am unable to find a solution to this problem, anyone have any ideas?

Without more data/information I’d think that your disk is faulty/failing.

this should show up in
journalctl -f
journalctl -k
or in
sudo dmesg
sudo dmesg -w

If that is the case, then it is time to backup your important data to a safe location before you potentially lose it. :wink:

journalctl -f
will never “complete” - it simply (-f) follows the new output

if it is really signs of damage
… we still haven’t seen any data -
it could be anything from old age to karma to bad luck …
it’s all speculation without data