Info on the Mouse and Touchpad panel on XFCE

New linux user here. I recently installed and customized xf86-input-mtrack to suit my macbook touchpad. My question is do I now have two conflicting settings in the form of xf86-input-mtrack and the XFCE touchpad settings panel? Changing the sensitivity in XFCE changes my touchpad sensitivity but I only want to use xf86-input-mtrack. Does the xfce touchpad panel change any configs and how or do I need to disable it?

From what i read, xfce4-settings manages mouse and touchpad settings through libinput, which is needed by xorg-server.
I don’t think removing any of those is an option. I don’t know if you can tell xfce4-settings to disable or ignore the touchpad settings…

Interesting, im sure im not the only one that wants to use mtrack on xfce. If I set the sensitivity in xfce settings it works but does not reflect in my mtrack config. Thats why im worried they are conflicting.