Info: Google Calender broken in KOrganizer

Just to let you know in case your ran into this problem:

Fix seems to be available but I’m not sure when it will be generally available.


same problem in Korganizer, ca’t sync google calendar, doesn’t seem in calendar view, is there a patch or solution for Manjaro?

it’s Sep 9, 2023 … for some reason, I can access my gmail account via kmail but I can no longer access my contacts or calendar? Did something break? I get the message: Configured Account does not exist … and I’ve always had no issues for the past while. Anyone having the same issue? My mobile phone (google pixel) uses the google calendar and I’ve got years worth of information that I can’t lose. How do I get it to work with KDE again (KOrganizer/Kontact/KAddressbook) …Kmail is working though.

Folks, it’s because Google changed its API again. The developers of software that accesses Google services are working on it — it’s not just the KDE stuff, but also Mozilla Thunderbird, et al — but it’ll take some time before this percolates down into Manjaro Stable.

Do not forget that most of our packages come straight from Arch, and that Arch Stable corresponds to Manjaro Unstable, so there’s always a couple of weeks before things land in Manjaro Stable.