Infinite login loop / critical error

Yesterday (after a software update) Manjaro on my laptop (not this desktop, however) stopped functioning. Logging in sends me back to the login screen, in an infinite loop. Yes, I remember the password correctly, I’ve been using it for a century or so. Getting a terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F2 and logging in there to debug or update the system aborts with a “critical message” error. So I can’t get in one way or another. I suppose I could get to grub, but what would I do there to find a way to fix this? Short of reinstalling, is there anything I can try? Any help would be most appreciated.

More or less you will have to do this:

It seems there is a bug which is currently in the procedure of being fixed, have a look into this thread:

Thank you, this works, only it doesn’t do anything. pacman -Syyu says “there is nothing to do”. Then I reboot, and the problem persists. :neutral_face:

Has anyone any other idea how to solve this? I’m stuck. :frowning:

I has this same error!

Press Ctrl + Alt + F4 and I solved with this command: sudo pacman -S cinnamon

Well, I have xfce so I suppose this won’t help me, but thanks.

I waited a few days and ran the routine above again, this time actually updating the system quite some. Still no luck, though when the I try to login now I briefly see an error “failed to start user manager for UID 1000” before being thrown back to the login screen.

Does this give a clue as to what the problem is?

So actually this here contained the apparent solution to my problem.

Specifically “Ok it appears that a file named .pam_environment was present under my home directory. I deleted this file and login is now successful.”

So did I, and I could now login successfully.

I have the same problem. I did as you said, but still have the issue?!!! (infinite lool login) :frowning:

Check if you can login with root user, then go to /home/“your_user”/ folder and in Thunar go View>Show Hidden Files and checked. Here you can see files where apps change enviroment variables, in my case I went to .profile and delete a second declaration of PATH. Make sure you have only one declaration of PATH, so you dont need other one in .profile. This work for me. Best.

Please no! Even to run a Ui application as root is not recommended. Better create a TEST user and check things there than to compromise the system with a root desktop session …