Indian languages not rendering on browser (Malayalam Tamil) m17n

I am used to malayalam swanalekha(m17n) and tamil phonetic (m17n) keyboard layouts on Manjaro Gnome, But with the latest update, I am unable to type anything in malayalam or tamil on the Browser(firefox).

I am still able to type properly on Telegram and the gnome search bar alone.

It doesnt work anywhere like within nautilus, while searching documents, Libre office if I even if I explicitly selected a malayalam font(Noto). I can still type other languages like russian directly without selecting a particular font. I waited for a couple weeks for another update and the issue persists. Pls help.

Finally solved it after months.
It was all triggered by an incomplete installation/uninstallation of a great input tool called varnam project.

Inorder to fix I had

  1. removed all the files and folders related to the varnam project referencing their uninstall and install scripts.
  2. Removed the whole entire IBUS engine and related packages and its dependencies and reinstalled them. The single command that does this is
sudo pacman -Rns -dd ibus ibus-m17n  libibus m17n-lib m17n-db && sudo pacman -S ibus ibus-m17n libibus libotf m17n-lib  m17n-db
  1. In /etc/environment added,
  1. created ~/.xprofile and added
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/lib"

After a logout I could actually type in malaylam, tamil etc.

The issue regarding not being able to view the keyboard layouts for languages was restricted to m17n module and therefore I am hoping that the next update might fix it.
Currently I cannot see the layouts for layouts of Arabic tamil and malayalam that use m17n/ibus

Layouts involving xkb do have previews.