India Income Tax Reurn Software 2021 exe on Wine

I am from India and I file my income tax returns myself (not through CA). Since 2013-14 till 2020-21 the income tax department provided filing utility based on Excel for Windows user and JRE based utility which could work on Linux.

This year they are shifting to utility based on JSON but so far provided only an exe file on Windows. The utility is based on Electron.

I installed wine and installed the utility.
It is working but not accepting keyboard input.
I tried changing the winprefix from 64 bit to 32 bit using winetricks but it does not work.


Hello @kagashe :wink:

A terminal output or a log would be more helpful. Maybe there is a dependency not installed? Or you need a tweak? However a log is essentially needed.

PS: Please put the topic to: #support:3rd-party-applications

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For these cases (shady exe files), I would use Windows in a Virtual Environment (VirtualBox).

I also have Ubuntu 20.04 where Wine 5.0 was not working at all. After seeing that version 6.5 almost worked except the keyboard not working.
I went back to Ubuntu 20.04, added winehq repo and installed Wine-Staging version 6.6 and it works.

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