Indexing the Folder's content for research purpose

Hello, I looked in the forum but I haven’t found anything treating this specifically:
I often find myself needing to sort folders containing videos by the video length.
I found out with some research that this is possible using the sort by → audio → duration. It’s a bit tricky but actually it works, because obviously the audio track is the same as the video one.

If it was not that audio duration is not displayed as info by default, but I learnt that you have to INDEX a certain folder in order to make the system know about the details of the files.

My question are: why is it like this? Performance purpose?
Do you guys set Manjaro to Index all your drives or just some specific folders?

Just wanted some light on this topic.

Perhaps because indexing is an option - not a requirement.

I disable indexing all-together - I don’t need the indexer to hog my system - of course if you need it - they you enabled it.

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