Incremental backups using rdiff-backup?

OK I probably almost ended up wiping out my /Home completely trying to install Windows 10 to a USB HDD… Nevermind that the Installer will not let you do this… Among other things.

Anyway I have two choices about Windows:

  1. Use my Linux game SSD which used to have Windows 8 on it.
  2. Buy another SSD for Windows 10.

Anyway keep this Manjaro related, what is a good incremental backup application for doing backups? I just want to backup my /home folder just in case I something really stupid…


I am using this tool since decades and it is 100 % reliable. It can use check sums to verify that files are the same on source and destination. And the backup process can be interrupted at any time and it will resume where it left off.

Rsync can be used either as a stand alone commandline tool like:

rsync -aAxXhHv source/ dest/

Understanding the commandline options is critical. You can find plenty of tutorials on the web.

rsync is also the backbone of some more sophisticated backup solution like dirvish for example.


This is a command line program? What a GUI?

There are plenty of GUI backup tools which use rsync as backbone. grsync for example. Just google it.

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Silly question here but my Portable USB HDD is mounted as root. So I need to start the backup program as root?

No. Just changes the permissiones / onwership of the directory where the USB device is mounted.

A good list to start:

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I use -qaHAXS for my backups; confirm it works both restoring and moving from F2FS to ext4.

IMHO the

- -sparse, -S

option is maybe not a good idea for everyone as this changes the backed-up file (turns sequences of nulls into sparse blocks). No problem of course if you always restore it using rsync.