Incredibly slow application load times after updates

This loading problem has been getting worse with each update since some time in January. On this machine
Gnome screenshot takes in excess of 8 seconds to load. Thunderbird and Mozilla FireFox are also tipping the scales north of 6 seconds.

This is not a sluggish resource constrained machine. The boot drive is an M.2 WD black SSD.

Brave browser, Vivaldi, even Emacs load instantly. Even CodeBlocks has its splash screen up in under 1 second, which is saying something.

If it was just one application I would be reporting it to them, but it’s quite a few on Manjaro and seems to be getting worse.

Hello @seasoned_geek :wink:

That is known and there is a solution. Read the Announcements. The first 2 posts are the important ones.


I’m running Cinnamon desktop version. Will either just suffer or go use my Ubuntu machines. I just didn’t find this topic with search so reported. Sorry to have reported a widely known issue.


Ok, Cinnamon is not listed here, but I guess it suffers like XFCE:

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Hi everyone,

I’m in same case for june, I have found this solution :

sudo pacman -Rdd xdg-desktop-portal-gnome                                                                                                                
sudo pacman -S xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

But after each update, the problem comes back, and it’s a pain.
Am I an isolated case?
Have I missed out on a long-lasting solution?