Increase the memory space of overlay filesystem

I’m a newbie to manjaro xfce and running the iso image on vmware workstation 17 player.

df -h --all /home/manjaro/ : running this command gives output

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
overlay 8.8G 8.6G 193M 98% /

I want to increase this space to 16 gb. My VMWare instance has 32 gb of allocation. Any help is much appreciated?

You cannot change the filesystem in the ISO.

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Why don’t you INSTALL the iso version in your VM instead of using the Live Mode of that iso? :thinking:


Can the live mode be installed on VMWare?

Why would you?
Just install it USING the live mode.
The live mode is just a Try-BEFORE-you-install environment…’s not the REAL thing :wink:

When it comes to “Can Manjaro be installed in a VM?” im sure it can with some restrictions, like any other Linux version…

I can’t post links in the reply. I’m getting default 8gb for OS which is running out of space. In GParted I’m seeing 32 gb space at /dev/sda. How do I make use of it ?

The ISO is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get if you install.
You cannot change the ISO.
If you try - any change is lost when system powers off.

VirtualBox always work.
VMware is unsupported. If it works - great - if not - use virtualbox.
Always use open source drivers.
Install the system to the virtual harddisk you created.
It is important to include swap in the partition guide - in doubt - use Swap to file.

  • Click the installer icon on the desktop
  • Click the Launch installer button in Manjaro Hello
  • Open a terminal and run calamares-polkit