Incorrect resume from the Waiting mode with the last kernel


I have new laptop Huawei Mateboot d16 and i have new installation Manjaro with kernel66. When i check waiting mode (e.g. by close laptop cover) and try resume, i have black screen or i have login form, but this form not accept correct password. I suppose that’s problem with access to hard drive after waiting mode (not sleep).
When i downgrade kernel to 6.1.68-1-MANJARO it is solve problem and now waiting mode work fine.

I afraid that all new kernels will have this issue. How this may fixed?


Usually by a firmware update of your UEFI, if it is not bug in the kernel. If linux61 works for you, then stick with it. It is expected to have support until Dec 2026. Only upgrade if you really need something in newer versions. Bugfixes and Security fixes are always back ported to older versions.

Probably check this out: LinuxVersions - Linux Kernel Newbies That page has better understandable changelogs.

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