Incorrect format of ID_LIKE value in os-release


I’m running the Sway edition of Manjaro on a Pinebook Pro.

In my /etc/os-release file the ID_LIKE property is assigned the value manjaro,arch, however according to the documentation (see ) this should be space separated instead of comma separated (i.e. manjaro arch). This causes issues with programs which expect these values to be space separated e.g. archey4 ( ).

Would it be possible for this to be fixed for new installs/in the repos?

I was trying to find a bug tracker for Manjaro ARM (or a Git repo where I could submit a pull request), but the closest I could get was which just displays an information page for me. Please let me know if there is a better place for me to report this.

P.S. Sorry for the bare links, it looks like I don’t currently have the relevant permissions to make them nicely formatted.

Git is here:



Fixed with fix ID_LIKE in os-release (9acffc7f) · Commits · manjaro-arm / packages / core / filesystem · GitLab.

Great, thanks!

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