Inconsistent cursor theme in i3wm

Hello Forum.

I recently tried to change the cursor theme in i3 using lxappearance.

I downloaded a theme from Then, I extracted it according to the instructions for manual installation here:

Using lxappearance, ~/.icons/default/index.theme and ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini got edited.

The result is that in several apps like firefox the new cursor theme is applied. On i3bar, an old cursor theme is used, the same at login via lightdm.

Any idea how the cursor theme can be applied consistently system-wide?

Regards, z0id

Just quickly … you have restarted ?

Also … depending on the thing you got … it may only support certain cursor ‘modes’ or gui toolkits.

(oh … and installing to user profile rather than systemwide will also have effects … such as the inability for it to be read by your DM - lightdm)

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Look in the .Xresources or add in a line like this:

Xcursor.theme: xcursor-breeze
Xcursor.size:                     32

It’s so necessary to check .gtkrc-2.0


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Yes, I have.

I have done that already. Interestingly, .Xresources changes the size locally. Where can I make these changes systemwide?

The theme name was already changed correctly.

That did the trick. Installing it systemwide solved the problem. Thank you (both of you).

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