Inconsistencies on Theme in default KDE

pamac uses GTK, you’ll need to set your GTK theme to the same/similar theme to KDE (which uses Qt).

For your other issues that are non-theme related, please make different threads for them. Do not mix all of the issues into one thread as it makes it harder for other users to search for topics that could help them fix their own issues.


Launcher icons normally appear in case they are missing after restart.
Unless there was some problem in download (may be a missing icon?)
Try pamac reinstall option and see.

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Try an experiment.

  1. Get PlasmaConfigSaver and save ‘Mine’.
  2. Global Theme select Breeze
  3. Plasma Style select Breeze (Follows colour scheme) or better still, get Breeze with Transparency to give some subtle blurred translucency.
  4. Application style - either Breeze, or install Lightly (much nicer IMO)
  5. At the bottom of Application style, Configure GNOME/GTK and select Breeze - this will follow your colour scheme.

Here the effect of changing colour schemes with transparency plasma style:

And here comparing Dolphin and Pamac GTK.

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Ambient Blue on both for the win. At least until we get 5.21.

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As you’re using Breeze Dark for KDE theme, you should select Adwaita for the GTK theme to have similar dark/blue theme for GTK apps.


For me, my tetrachromia and OCD both put together wouldn’t allow me to have the colors not be perfectly matched. Ambient blue is on both Plasma and GTK.

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Both Dark Breeze (KDE / QT) and Adwaita (GTK) are installed by default though. Hence the suggestion as it doesn’t require extra step to search and install additional non official themes.

And also that, extra themes often break because they are made at some point then often unmaintained and some stuff break with time.

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Sorry for the dumb question but where to set GTK themes?

I edited the post, indeed the icons appeared after a moment…

Is it this tool Plasma Customization Saver - KDE Store ?

BTW, very nice setup…
Can you share more, what’s that bottom bar, and the clock?

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I’m not home so I can’t check exactly. But it’s in settings.

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Well… I’ll wait then since I still not find where :slight_smile:

System Settings → Application Styles → bottom button Configure GTK Styles


Yup as others have said it’s a GTK application so you have to change it separately there. I literally just installed KDE and ran into this issue.

But really, this should be altered. It’s hardly a global theme when it doesn’t even affect GTK applications, and the package manager at that! Certainly doesn’t follow KISS. New users aren’t going to know what GTK applications are so wouldn’t think that’s the issue, and whilst a quick search should let them find the solution it will make them uncomfortable in an OS where, as they see it, even global themes don’t work properly.

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I looked so many times on this panel and I never noticed those buttons! Thank you it worked!

I totally agree, but this is not only applicable here… I have this thought for many other situation on Linux as a whole (please don’t ban me :upside_down_face:) and sadly come to the conclusion that there still be time before my grandma will sitch to linux for things like this… But it’s totally comprehensible when we think how huge is the ecosystem! It’s insanely big, and there’s so many moving part!

I am a 2+ years old Manjaro i3 user… I changed to KDE for a particular reason (explained here on reddit) and I didn’t tried a lot in the live usb before seeing some “problems”… I tried Gnome and many other flavor before sticking with KDE (explained on this another reddit post)

But I even noticed that I don’t have any Bluetooth Manager since I have the Bluetooth panel of settings empty… I still not find what’s missing… I’ll continue to try to figure out how to solve that but I’ll probably end up asking there for help in a new thread…

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Thanks - yes, I love my setup now.
Global Theme: Breeze (Breath2 works just as well)
Plasma Style: Breeze with Transparency (Follows colour scheme) - easy to install in settings.
Application Style: Lightly (improved Breeze - good settings)
GTK theme: Breeze

Window Decorations: Material (whilst LIGHTLY decorations look good, the ‘inline menu’ doesn’t work with the application menu).

Arial Rounded MT Bold 10pt for Menu/Title
Breeze Chameleon icons follow colour scheme
Chameleon cursors.

The colour scheme - light is called ‘card’ easily installed by grabbing the global/

I tweak by going to colors, click the ‘edit’ pencil icon, then ‘save as 01 Card-teal’ etc then make a matching Konsole color scheme.

For the docks - that’s 2 community/latte-dock-git r4166.1dcf799d-1 (1005.9 KiB 3.8 MiB) (Installed)

Bottom has (left end) ‘on demand’ which brings up a top panel (with a global menu and a couple of other items, like activity/desktop paging) hooked up to a keyboard shortcut/mouse gesture (i.e. draw ‘7’ backwards to toggle top panel) and then the menu and latte-tray.

Right dock is just tasks… works nice with ‘magic lamp’ kwin effect though really I use a mouse gesture to present windows for switching when I am not using tiling (krohnkite).

The top right clock is kwin-effect-osdclock-git which I can edit to match the theme color scheme (but can’t change the date appearance sadly). The clock can always be seen (e.g. playing full-screen video, the clock is still there - 50% transparent I think).

I have a question - Why select ‘Breeze Dark’. Is it fundamentally different to ‘Breeze’? Isn’t ‘Breeze’ dark if you apply a colour scheme to it?


Thanks for the details!

I guess that selecting Breeze Dark on the Global Theme menu (or any other theme listed here) will also apply the underlying settings in the other menus (like in Application Style and Colors).

fortunately grandmas are probably not seeking how to customize their OS styles and appearance.

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Yep! Probably not this… But her Bluetooth headset for sure! (if your curious: No Bluetooth settings available (having a dual WIFI/BT card) :wink: )

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