Incomplete .torrent files content: unable to download an ISO image using torrent networks only

By the Release 202111150247 · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub URL we can see images to download.
If to try to download .torrent for both minimal and typical versions, then inside of that torrent files we see .z01 file only.

Usually there was a whole image, but even there would be parted versions only, then it lacks the .zip part to download all parts by torrent network and to combine it into workable ISO file.

@philm please have a look.


The latest build’s .torrent files (Release 202111171150 · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub) still contains only .z01 file and lacks the .zip linked in them.

But may be properly it should contain the whole .iso file instead of both parts of the archive.

The issue is still present in the Release 202111230247 · manjaro-plasma/download · GitHub daily automated builds.

It’s a known issue, we are looking into it…

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