Incompatible packages

I don’t know what is the correct place to report this kind of issue, so I’ll put it here.
Maybe someone will point out the best place.

Package extra/python-mplhep , current version in manjaro repository 0.3.26-2 is obsolete and not compatible with the current version of extra/python-matplotlib 3.8.2-1 which it depends on.
There is more recent compatible mplhep version 0.3.43 in the upstream git repository.
Maybe upstream arch repository also needs upgrade.

Manjaro inherts most packages from Arch. python-mplhep has been flagged out of date since last July. However, nothing depends on it. What does it have to do with python-matplotlib? :thinking:

mplhep depends on matplotlib, not vice versa. And current repository version of mplhep is obsolete, it cannot work together with the current matplotlib version. That is it cannot work at all, it is useless.
But since last July there appeared a new actual version of mplhep in the github, which is now compatible with the current matplotlib.
So the python-mplhep in the Arch repository needs to be updated to be able to work.
What is the correct place to notify Arch linux mantainers about it?

Ah, yes. Sorry, I was distracted and forgot to check that.

Either way, python-matplotlib is also flagged out of date, so we’ll have to wait for the Arch Package Maintainer(s) to address the issue when they have time.

That would be the place to report an issue–if one was using Arch. Manjaro users are not eligible to do so unless they can also reproduce the issue on Arch.

By the way, Arch just updated python-matplotlib to 3.8.3-1 which is now available in the Manjaro unstable branch.

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