Inclusion of TestDisk in the ISOs

I use Manjaro Linux since many years as system rescue toolkit without network access. In general, I am very pleased with the software collection, which is provided by the ISOs, but TestDisk is painfully missing. It is universally useful, small in size, and has few dependencies, so it should be feasible to integrate it into the ISOs without losing too much space.

Before someone is mentioning it: I am fully aware of the existence of SystemRescue as a Linux distribution with this purpose, but it has several shortcomings in my particular case like seldom updates, a smaller software collection and only one desktop environment.


As this question can be answered in a plain binary way, I expected a faster response by the developers: It does not require any new code in the traditional sense of a feature request and does not concern any other part of the distribution, so I think that it is quite simple to decide.

Please do not misinterpret these words as impatience. I am just interested in the reason for the relatively long waiting time.

You could build you own ISO:

I’ve just added it and it will be available the next time there’s a new ISO release.

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Thank you very much!

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